Library Operating Procedures and Guidelines


Admission to the library and use of the books and other information resources is conditional upon strict observance of the following rules and regulations and ignorance of these will not be an excuse.

Definition of terms.

  1. Information resources: these includes all resources held by the university library which include books, journals, business plans, research projects, thesis, examination papers, CD-ROMs, MARC records, E-learning and Multimedia facilities forming the library collection.
  2. Library user: refers to any person who has been admitted to use the library.
  3. OPAC: refers to the Online Public Access Catalogue.
  4. Loan: any borrowed library information resource or item.


University Library Operation Time.

1) Regular Session

Day Opening Time. Closing time
Monday- Friday 8.00 AM 10.00 PM
Saturday 9.00 AM 5.00 PM
Sundays 10.00 AM 4.00 PM
Public Holidays Closed. Closed

2) Distance and Institution-Based Learning  

Day Opening Time. Closing time
Monday- Friday 8.00 AM 10.00 PM
Saturday 9.00 AM 10.00 PM
Sundays 9.00 AM 10.00 PM
Public Holidays Closed. Closed

Admission to use the library.
The following persons are eligible to use the library;

  1. Registered Mount Kenya University Student(s)
  2. Mount Kenya University Staff, Council Members, Board of Directors.
  3. Junior Readers ( 4-17 years)

Library, Access & Borrowing Information Resources

  1. Students ID shall be used to borrow library resources and access the library.
  2. Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library for re-issuing.
  3. Borrowers shall be held personally responsible for the custody of any loan accorded to them.
  4. Loaned out of information resources are renewable once by the user.
  5. Library books removed from shelves should be left on the reading tables to be collected by the library staff for re-shelving.
  6. Items that will not be loaned out include: Short loan books, headphones, Journals, periodicals, statistical documents, bibliographical materials, reference materials, loose leaf works, valuable and rare data carriers.
  7. All library books are classified according to the Library of Congress classification scheme. All library users are advised to consult the OPAC.
  8. The maximum number of loans permitted per user depends on the membership category as indicated below.


User Category No. of books Loan period (Renewable once)
a) Undergraduate students 5 2 weeks
b) Post-graduate students 6 4 weeks
c) MKU Staff: (Full time) 6 4 weeks


4) Circulation Fines

Particulars Fine
a) Loan overdue Ksh. 5 per day per loan
b) Book mutilation (Minor) Ksh. 300
c) Book mutilation (Major) Ksh. 1000
e) User Impersonation
  1. Impersonator Ksh. 1000
  2. Impersonated Ksh.500

5) Digital / E-Library

  1. Mount Kenya University subscribes to worldwide electronic databases, which give access to thousands of electronic journals, e-Book and periodicals. The e-resources can be accessed at
  2. Your library Username (ID) and password (Ps) are required to access the e-resources.
  3. DVDs and CD-ROMs are accessed via the Multimedia technology.


6) Library user discipline & schedule of penalties.


      a) Theft and/or attempted theft of library;

i) Information resources,

ii) Equipment &furniture,

iii) Library project/ thesis /


iv)   Computer Mouse

v)    Internet cable

1. Two new copies of the same item.
2. Projects/ thesis/magazines Fine of   Ksh. 1000
3. 10 mice
4. 10 (3 meter) size cables
      c) Rudeness to library staff, including university security and cleaning staff. 1.The university librarian/ deputy/Campus/School librarian shall determine the penalty and/or refer the case to disciplinary committee
      d) Possession of items from other libraries that have evidence of having been removed without proper record of authorization. 1. The item will be confiscated, awaiting consultations with the concerned library.

2. Rules and regulations for the owner library shall apply.

      e) Use of mobile phones 1. Suspension from the library for a maximum period of one month.
     f) Food stuff and drinks Suspension from the library for 2 weeks

NB:  Any offense results to automatic suspension from the university library until cleared by the circulation librarian.


7) Library user safety.

All library users must ensure their personal safety at all times in case of any calamity/ emergencies library users are advised to use the library emergency exits but avoid converging at the main stairway. Firefighting equipment and water horse reels are available for use.



The university librarian will be glad to assist library users if need arises. Please send an email to:

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