Library Guidelines

The operations and transactions are governed by library rules and regulations in various aspects, which include;

  1. Admission to use the library
  2. Library registration
  3. Borrowing regulations
  4. Overdue charges
  5. Library user discipline
  6. Library safety measures.


Students will be issued with a University Student ID which will be used to access and borrow books.
Admission to the library and use of the books and other information resources are conditional upon observance of the following regulations.

Definition of terms.

Information resources: These include all resources held by the university library which include books, journals, business plans, research projects, thesis, examination papers, CD‐ROMs , MARC records, E‐learning and Multimedia facilities forming the library collection.

Library user: Refers to any person who has been admitted to use the library.
The following persons are eligible to use the Library;

  1. Registered Mount Kenya University students
  2. Mount Kenya University staff
  3. Mount Kenya University Council Members.

Library Registration

Persons who wish to use the Library must be registered as members;
All persons registered as University Library members are required to abide by these regulations. The University Librarian may suspend from the use of the library any person breaking these regulations. Library documents are issued to all registered library users,

Borrowing Library books.

The right to borrow library materials from the library is accorded to all the persons registered with the university library. Items that will not be loaned out include Journals, periodicals, statistical documents, bibliographical materials, reference materials, loose leaf works, valuable and rare data carriers.

Lending rules.

The library services shall be administered to all library users by the FIFO (First In First Out) policy
Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library for re‐issuing.
Borrowers shall be held personally responsible for the custody of any loan accorded to them.
Books that have been borrowed by other readers can be reserved at the circulation desk online.

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