University library’s tremendous growth

The University Library has under-gone tremendous growth. The Thika Institute of Technology Library had a sitting capacity of 100 users only. The current University Library’s sitting capacity is 1,000 users.

Mount Kenya University Library (main campus ), is fully automated and Wi-Fi enabled and has various sections such as Reprographic section, Technical section, Circulation section, Reference section, Children’s section, Periodical section, Cultural centre, Digital and Multimedia Section, study Carrels, Reading area , Stack area, library staff offices, library Staff common room and Library discussion Villas. The library complies with the standards and guidelines for establishment of an academic library as stipulated by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

The villas are Wi-Fi enabled and fitted with electrical accessories for use both at night and day. Its setting has an ambiance that is conducive for learning and study.The library user education is conducted for proper utilization of the ICT facilities; the Wi-Fi enabled library environment enhances use of laptops, smart phones and other gargets within the university. The Wi-Fi zones are distributed on all the floors of the library, the study villas and the library yard. This has demystified the library theory of a building into a virtual space.

Mount Kenya University subscribes to various electronic resources such as journals, eBooks through the Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium (KLISC) to supplement the print resources.

The library services are automated executed using a library Information Management System. The library has Computers fully networked with free internet for library patrons and Amazon Kindles (EBook readers) for access to online resources.

The library users are able to renew borrowed information resources on their own whenever they are by logging in to Online Public Access catalogue.

Library improvement

Mount Kenya library started with a sitting capacity of 100 users and currently we have a total capacity of 4,440. There has been a continuous improvement due to the support given by the University management in providing the highest quality of library facilities, resources and qualified staff.

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